This week begins the first of four on God’s work done through Nehemiah’s leadership.

1. Introduction

What do you know about what is written in this book? Consider the following:

Author: Nehemiah probably wrote the book with Ezra serving as the editor.

Original Audience: The exiles who returned from captivity.

Date Written: Approximately 445-432 B.C.

Setting: Nehemiah left a responsible position in the Persian government 1200 km away to return with the third group of exiles to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem.

Discuss in your group the following:

  • Why should we study and seriously consider what happened nearly 2,500 years ago?
  • What relevance could there be there to us today? See 2 Tim. 3:16-17, 1 Cor. 10:11.

Consider George’s comments:

The Book of Nehemiah is in your Bible not because someone thought it would be a good history lesson, it’s there because God put it in the text of sacred scripture as a necessary and profitable source of spiritual instruction. God’s purpose for our study of Nehemiah is not to fill our heads with facts but to fill our hearts with faith concerning His dealings in the past that affect our understanding of God’s dealings for today. God is after all the same God for us as He was for Nehemiah.

2. About Nehemiah

Read Neh.1:1-2:6 and discuss the following:

  • What was Nehemiah’s job/role where he lived?
  • What insights can you see into the following about Nehemiah?
  • His relationship and walk with God?
  • His knowledge of God’s Word? Neh.1:8-11, 9:6-31.
  • His relationship with King Artaxerxes?
  • His emphasis on prayer?

Consider George’s comments:

Neh. 1:4-11 ….4 months from Dec-April, this was 4 Months of praying, waiting & watching. This was a crucial period for Nehemiah & set the scene for one of the qualities of his life, prayerfulness. Nehemiah became a man of prayer before ever he was a man of performance, prayer made possible his performance.

3. God’s Work

  • How did God prepare Nehemiah for the work he had for him to do? See Neh. 1:1-3.
  • Where did Nehemiah’s “burden” for the situation of God’s people in Judah and His city of Jerusalem come from?
  • How do we see God’s sovereignty and His working to open up the doors for Nehemiah to do the work God had for him to do? Read Prov. 21:1. In future week’s we will look more into this.

4. Conclusion/Application

As you considered God’s work in and through Nehemiah up to Neh.1:1-2:6 what lessons do you see are relevant to your life? How does: “…. these things…. (which) were written down (for) us who live at the end of the age.” (1 Cor. 10:11) apply to you? Revisit the above dot points “About Nehemiah”.
Finish by praying together any things God has brought to your attention so far from Nehemiah.


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