The Blind Man.

Read Matthew 9:27-31 and try to picture the scene as it happened.

When the blind men shouted out to Jesus calling Him ‘Son of David’ what were they implying about Him?

Why do you think Jesus held back and let them have to follow Him all the way until He arrived at the house before speaking with them? See also the Canaanite woman. Matthew 15:21-28.

What principles did the blind men apply?

Discuss Jesus question Matthew 9:28 and His answer Matthew 9:29.

What reason did Jesus give as to why they received their sight?

The Outworking of Faith.

What three things does Hebrews 11:6 tell us about faith?

With these three things in mind look at the following passages, the element of faith present and who they had faith in.

  • Mark 2:4-5, 5:27-34, 35-36, 7:27-29, 9:22-24, 10:47-52
  • Matt. 8:13, 9:29, 15:28
  • John 4:50, 11:40

What else do the following passages tell us?

  • John 6:26-28
  • James 1:5-8, 4:2-3
  • I John 5:14-15

Faith and Action.

What else is important along with faith?

Read Ephesians 2:10, James 2:14-26.

Discuss Paul’s words about Abraham’s faith in James 2:21-14 especially James 2:22.

What should be the correct motivation for doing good works? See Romans 12:1-2.

What are wrong motives?

Discuss the difference between faith inspired works/actions empowered by the Holy Spirit and works done in the effort of the flesh eg: legalism, all the religions of the world in an effort to be ‘right’, ‘good enough’ for God.

How do we know the difference?


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