Michael will be speaking for the next few weeks as we lead up to Easter and beyond.

He will therefore be following some events in Jesus life pre, during and post Easter.

This week’s study is about,

“The Anointing Of Jesus Feet”.

To set the scene let’s look at the following….

1. Jesus’ Mission.

How would you describe what Jesus’ mission was? Consider and discuss the following….

· Luke 2:45-52.

· Matthew 3:15.

· John 4:34.

· Luke 19:10.

· John 13:1-3, 18:10-11.

Read Jesus response to anything/one that tried to hinder Him from completing His mission. Matthew 16:21-23.

Even though Peter’s motive was right where was he wrong? Who was the source? Is this a warning for us to be careful about?

2. Jesus’ Focus.

Read Luke 9:51. What do you think was on Jesus mind?

How would you explain the meaning of ‘…. Jesus resolutely….’? Another version uses the words ‘…. He (Jesus) set his face….’?

With the final days of His mission clearly in focus what did Jesus share with His disciples on three separate occasions? Mark 8:31, 9:30-32,10:32-34.

Why do you think they didn’t understand and remember that Jesus said, ‘….three days later he would rise from the dead.’? See also Luke 24:25-27, 44-46.

Are there some things we can learn from these verses which will help us hear what God wants to show us?

Jesus Arrived To Fulfil The Final Chapter Of His Mission.

Read John 11:1-44. What important miracle did Jesus perform prior to His “Ride into Jerusalem on a donkey’?

What was the attitude of the Pharisees? What was their fear and what did they plan to do about it? John 11:46-53, 57.

The Anointing of Jesus feet.

Read John12:1-7.

Whose home did this happen in and by whom?

What do you see about Mary’s love and devotion to Jesus? The expensive perfume was worth a year’s wages.

When the disciples criticised Mary actions what was Jesus response? See Matthew’s version. Matthew 26:10-13.

Discuss the insight Mary had, as Jesus said, ‘She has poured this perfume on me to prepare my body for burial’ (Matthew 26:12) when it seems all the rest didn’t seem to understand?

Read also about Mary and her eagerness to spend time with Jesus and to learn from Him. Luke 10:38-42.

What did Jesus say then? Luke 10:42.

What have you seen about Mary’s love and devotion to Jesus that is a challenge to you?

Is there anything which God has spoken to you about that you think you should make some changes to in your life?

Share with the others in your group.

Finish by spending some time praying together thanking Jesus for the price he paid for you and the love you have for Him.


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