Gospel Of Luke. Lesson Six –”A Call, A Question and the Sabbath” by Nathan Potts.

March 16, 2021 By: Category: Bible Study

Jesus ministry has just started, and yet opposition to his claims and to his practices abound. However, Jesus continues to call sinners to repentance. Read Luke 5:27-39 1. What do you notice about the calling of Levi? What was Levi’s response? How is Levi’s calling similar to Simon, James and John? (start of chapter 5)
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The Gospel of Luke. Lesson One –Miraculous Announcements by Mark Kulikovsky and Nathan Potts.

November 8, 2020 By: Category: Bible Study

Luke starts his gospel with these wonderful words, “that you may have certainty concerning the things you have been taught”. (Luke 1:4 ESV). Certainty is a funny thing, if we are certain about something, we tend to be more confident in its value and in its surety. Yet there is a reality when we talk
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The Gospel of Luke. Introduction by Nathan Potts.

By: Category: Bible Study

 The Gospel of Luke  Introduction. Luke’s story of Jesus is a sizable work – the longest book of the NT – written with extreme care. Perfectionists will love Luke. He has the mind of a scientist, the pen of a poet, and the heart of an artist…He wrote to accomplish two specific goals… to provide
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