1. Begin by reading the account of Paul’s arrest and imprisonments in Acts 21:17-26:32. As you read identify the eight occasions on which Paul gives a defence or gives his testimony:
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  1. What were some of the ways in which Paul continued to show cultural awareness and political astuteness in the events recorded in these chapters?
  1. What form does opposition take in these chapters? What is Paul accused of? Why did the accusers have such a hard time trying to get rid of Paul?
  1. In the sermon Mark outlined several things that we learn from Paul’s witnessing to and defence of the gospel. Discuss each one as it relates to Paul and your own experience.
  • Telling a personal story
  • Connecting with people
  • Adapting to the local situation
  • Talking about the ‘full’ gospel message
  • Being ready to answer charges
  1. Everyone loves a personal story with lots of details. Tell your own story of your journey to and walk with God to others in the group.


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