What is a miracle? Share your definition with your group and discuss your differing views.

Do miracles happen today or were they mainly occurrences in Biblical times?

If you believe miracles happen today have you experienced one personally or know someone who has?

1. Read Matthew 8:1-4

  • Discuss with each other what happened in these verses.
  • What was the attitude of the man with leprosy when he approached Jesus? See also Luke 5:12.
  • Do you think his healing would have happened if he hadn’t approached Jesus?

2. Does God require people to come to Him first in order to be healed either personally or someone on their behalf?

Examples are,

  • ‘The Roman Officer.’ Luke 7:1-10.
  • ‘The friends of the paralysed man.’ Mark 2:1-12.
  • ‘Peters mother in law.’ Mark 1:29-31.

3. How important do you think it is for someone to believe/have faith in God first before healing will take place?

See some examples in the following passages,

Matthew 8:13, Matthew 9:2, Matthew 9:28-29, Matthew 13:58, Matthew 17:17, James 5:15.

4. Why do you think Matthew included, “Jesus reached out and touched’ the man with leprosy? Matthew 8:3.

  • Could that have been significant to him?

Consider also Jesus instruction, ‘This will be a public testimony that you have been healed.’

5. Jesus told him, ‘Don’t tell anyone about this.’ Matthew 8:4.

  • He said the same to the blind men, Matthew 9:30. Can you suggest why?

See also His comment to the crowd (after the feeding of the 5’000) John 6:26.

6. In the above examples we see Jesus’ miracles of healing. Could he have said no instead?

  • Can you think of any times when he did either temporarily or permanently? Eg: John 11:1-6, 2nd Corinthians 12:8-9.

7. Are there any times in your own life or those you know when God hasn’t answered your prayers for healing even when you have come to Him in humility and faith?

  • As you considered the above (Paul and Lazarus’ sister) can you suggest any possible reasons?
  • Was there anything Steve shared on Sunday which helped answer this question?
  • Were there things helpful or not as you discussed this subject? Share with others in your group.

Spend some time praying together giving thanks for what you have learned or for answers to questions you still have unanswered.

Keep in mind passages such as Romans 8:28 and Genesis 50:20 which show God is in control.


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