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  1. What problems with holiness did the Corinthians have? From the first 10 chapters of 1 Corinthians what are some of the ways in which Paul encouraged the Corinthians to be holy?
  1. In the sermon it was stated about the Corinthian church: “Although they were the Christian church in Corinth, an inordinate amount of Corinth was still in them!” What evidence is there in 1 Corinthians to support this statement?
  1. What role does verse 1 (“Follow my example as I follow the example of Christ”) play in Paul’s argument?
  1. The four possible meaning of ‘head’ in this passage are: (1) the ‘thing’ sitting on your shoulders; (2) the one having supremacy or authority over; (3) the source or origin; (4) the preeminent or foremost one who is representative of others. Which do you think makes the most sense in the context of Paul’s argument? Why? Is it a problem that Paul might actually be using the word in more than one way in the passage?
  1. What were the Corinthians doing to bring dishonour upon God? (see verses 4-6) What    were the cultural issues behind Paul’s argument?
  1. What is Paul’s argument from Creation in verses 7-12?
  1. What is Paul’s argument from Culture in verses 13-15?
  1. What is Paul’s argument from Convention in verse 16?
  1. Do you think that gender distinctiveness is being blurred in our churches today? Why or why not? If so, in what ways? If not, how is that distinctiveness being maintained?
  1. There are quite contradictory views held by different churches on the issue of women in ministry? What is your view? Do you know what Church@ParaVista’s view is? How do you defend either your own or the church’s view from Scripture?


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