We’re All About People

People matter to God. And that’s why We’re all about people too. Our beliefs come from the conviction that the Word of God is absolute, authoritative and applicable to us. It’s the story of God revealing Himself to His creation and how though Jesus we are reconciled to God for our rebellion. Our heart is to see people transformed by the grace of God, to the glory and praise of God. And we realise that this happens through preaching and teaching and living the word of God in our lives.

We believe that people’s deepest needs can be met and serious questions answered when they have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We exist in this community to share the Good News about Jesus and to offer practical help in any way we can.

So then, who is Jesus, why is He central to what we believe?

Who Was Jesus?

Just a man? God in the flesh? A made up figure? A real person in human history who was a good teacher? Almost everyone has an opinion on who Jesus was and is. Einstein said that Jesus wasn’t a myth. Elvis said Jesus is King. Justin Beiber claims that Jesus is his Lord. Gandhi spoke of Jesus being a good man, but not divine or from God. Pamela Anderson said he’s somewhat cool. Sir Cliff Richards says that Jesus teaches a positive life. Chuck Norris said that real men live for Jesus. Vladimir Putin said that Jesus came into the world to liberate people from sickness and death.

Jesus Came To Get Messy

Jesus lived for 33 years, 2,000 years ago. He grew up in a working class family and became a carpenter just like his dad. At the age of 30 he left his trade and set about a small country, preaching that God’s Kingdom was here. He healed people from sickness. He debated religious leaders and sought to teach everyone who God was and what he was like. He multiplied food and made huge claims about Himself. Even calling Himself God’s Son. He walked on waterprayed for his friendsate with all types of peoplewelcome children and taught with such wisdom and truth that those who heard him were amazed. He was hated by the religious leaders and sentenced to death for doing nothing wrong. He was torturedmockedspit upon, beaten and abandoned by his friends at the moment of his greatest need. He faced a cross, a bloody, wooden cross and was nailed to it. So disfigured was he that he didn’t even look human. Yet, he cried out God forgive them. He died willingly, and to be sure that he was truly dead, had a spear thrust into His side. His friends mourned his death and they laid Him in a grave. 3 days later, he rose from the dead, appeared to more than 500 peopleeatingwalking and talking with them. 50 days later he ascended up to Heaven and set the Spirit of God upon all who believe. Securing forgiveness and graciously giving all who believe in Him new life with Him, free from sin, guilt, shame and a sure way to Heaven. This is Jesus. And the cross is central to what we believe.

It was on the cross that Jesus took your sinspilt His blood and died so that you don’t have to pay with your blood for your sin. God the Father graciously sacrificed His Son, Jesus, so that you can be forgiven, freed and become follower of God. All of this is to give praise and glory to God.

It’s not about what you do, but what Jesus has done.

God accepted Jesus’ death as payment in full for our sins, and raised him from the dead. That means past, present and future sin is dealt with before a Holy God. We don’t have to work for forgiveness, because Jesus has done it. We don’t need to pay for our own sin, because it was transferred to Jesus. We don’t need to work for it, because Jesus offers it freelyWe can’t earn it by doing good things, because Jesus is our perfect offering to God. When Jesus rose from the dead all our sin stayed dead and buried in the tomb. Faith in Jesus means new life.

By God’s grace, Jesus has done it. That’s why on the cross Jesus said, It is finished. When we trust Jesus and believe that he has made us good and cleansed us from sin so that we get God, we are saved. The Bible tells us that this is new birth, spiritually being born into God’s family and made new. Now, it’s not about what has happened to us that defines us, it’s what Jesus has done.

Jesus offers us new life. Now, our sins can be forgiven through Jesus’ death, and we can make a fresh start with God, no longer as rebels but as friends. In this new life, God himself comes to live within us by his Spirit. We can experience the joy of a new relationship with God.

All things exist and are being worked according to God’s passion, pleasure and plan. (Ephesians 1:11). God creates, calls, rescues, redeems, saves, restores, restrains and grants all to the end that He might be praised. All of this means that the end of our salvation isn’t us, but God. We are saved to His glory and it’s marvellous that we can be part of enjoying God and praising Him for all eternity starting here and now.

If you believe this, and trust God, your next step is to simply ask Jesus to forgive you. There is no special formula or prayer to pray. You don’t have to be baptized or christened. You don’t need to work for it or give away all your possession. You don’t need to get your life right first. You come to God as you are, broken, hurting and with a life full of sin and guilt.

Then ask Jesus to forgive you. You can say something like, “God, I know that I’ve done things that are wrong. I’ve rebelled against you and have suffered under sin. I am truly sorry; please forgive me and cleans me by Jesus blood. Thank you, Jesus for taking my punishment on the cross. God, be the Lord of my life. Amen.

What Next?

If you have made a commitment to Jesus Christ, that’s awesome! We encourage you to visit one of our church services where you can connect with pastors who will help answer your questions and get you involved in a Home Group where you will grow to be more like Jesus as you learn more about him. You have a whole new family of people who love Jesus to get to know and do life with. We also encourage you to get into your bible and to start reading the Gospel of John and the book of Ephesians. If you don’t have one contact us and we’d be more than happy to send on you or you can read the Bible online here.