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This week Luke gave an introduction to Matthew chapters 5, 6 & 7 commonly referred to….

‘The Sermon On the Mount’.

Why do you think it has been given this title? Matthew 5:1.

Apart from the first two verses of Mathew chapter 5 and the last two verses of Matthew chapter 7 who spoke the words of these three chapters?

Who were they addressed to? Matthew 5:1.

Matthew 7:28-29 tells us the crowds also listened.

What was their response to Jesus teaching? v. 28 and why? v. 29.

There were several phrases Jesus mentioned numerous times, all referring to the same subject. What were they?

eg : Chapter 5:3, 10, 19(x2), 20.

Chapter 6:10, 33.

Chapter 7:13, 21.

Following is a quote taken from Luke’s sermon on Sunday as he reminded us of last week’s message.

Last week, we saw that Jesus begins to gather a Kingdom Community, followers, disciples, those who hear the call and come into the Kingdom. These guys aren’t special. God uses unqualified people, to accomplish, as Tolly said, the most important task in the world, extending God’s Kingdom. These guys are normal. They have issues, baggage. They are like us. And Jesus’ see’s them, not as they are, but who they will be. They are called, come follow me, Jesus says and I will make you. Everything we are to be, comes from Jesus working in us and for us and through us.

Now the story continues. And what Jesus is about to do, in Matthew 5-7, is to explain what the Kingdom of God looks like in the lives of those who follow Him. Jesus is teaching us, what life under God’s loving rule and care looks like.

Discuss in your group the significance of these references and why Jesus included them keeping in mind who (chapter 5:1) he was teaching.

Following is the main topics of Jesus’ teaching.

Chapter 5


· The Beatitudes.

· Salt and light.

· The Law.

· Anger.

· Lust.

· Divorce.

· Vows.

· Revenge.

· Loving Enemies.

· Giving to the Needy.

Chapter 6


· Prayer.

· Fasting

· Money.

· Worry.

Chapter 7


· Judging Others.

· Asking, Seeking & Knocking.

· The Golden Rule.

· The Way to Heaven.

· Fruit in People’s Lives.

· Building on a Solid Foundation.

In the next three months we will covering each of these topics.

We will see God’s Transforming Grace at work in His children‘s lives, in our lives.

As you reflectively browse down over these are there any areas in particular you feel you need to address? Why?

Share in your group your answers.

Pray together for each other about these areas that the Holy Spirit will minister to you and help you to grow in them to become more like Jesus.


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