This week’s study is the third in a series looking at 1 Corinthians.

What is your definition of wisdom?

On the internet we have access to what seems to be an infinite knowledge on any subject you can image…. an example of mans explosion of knowledge.

Discuss in your group John’s words from Sunday,

‘Wisdom can’t exist without knowledge, understanding and application.’

Discuss the difference between God’s Wisdom and man’s wisdom.

  1. The Beginning of Man’s Wisdom.

Let’s look at Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

What was God’s warning to them? Genesis 2:15-17.

Read Genesis 3:1-7. What was the essence of the devil’s temptation?

What did Eve want? Did she get what she wanted? Discuss the result? Genesis 3:7, 22-24.

Consider John’s words….

‘Adam and Eve ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. They had knowledge but it was devoid of Divine Wisdom.’

With this in mind look at the following passages and discuss what they say about the heart of sinful man and his knowledge of good and evil. Isaiah 5:20-21, Proverbs 16:25, Romans 1:21-32, Jeremiah 17:9, Genesis 6:5.

  1. God’s Wisdom.

Read the following….

Job 12:13, Romans 11:33-36, Isaiah 55:8-9, 40:26-28.

What do they reveal to us about God?

What does Paul tell us about Christ in Colossians 2:3, 1:19 and Revelation 5:12?

Read Revelation 5:13-14. What praise was given to both God the Father and Jesus Christ His Son?

Where does true wisdom (God’s) begin in a person’s life? Ps. 111:10. Discuss what this means.

Read Romans 1:21-22, 28. Think about the attitude of these compared with Cornelius (Acts 10:1-2) and The Ethiopian Eunuch. Acts 8:26-39.}

Read 1Corinthians 1:18-29. What insight do you find about God’s Wisdom and the world’s wisdom? What does Paul say about the gospel message of the cross?

  1. Application. ‘Where the Rubber Hits the Road.’

Read Matthew 7:24-27. What was the difference between the two builders and what was the result?

Read James 3:13-18. What insights do you find between God’s Wisdom and the world’s wisdom?

Finish by reading James 1:22-27. With this passage in mind reflect on which type of wisdom you life displays most.

Consider again your definition of wisdom. Has it changed?



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