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Standard Pages

All of the Standard Pages use the standard page template. You can select this on the right side of the screen under Page Attributes. All pages need to have at a minimum, the short codeĀ 

to display the content correctly.

Change Page Content

Pages > All Pages.

Selecte the page you want to edit and click Edit or the name of the page.

Some pages have special fields, follow the prompts to edit the content of each one.

Change Page Name

Edit the title of the page at the top of the screen.

Just below this is the permalink. You’ll also need to click the grey edit button and change this to the same name as the one you just entered.

Change Image Behind Page Title

Each page has an image at the top behind the text. This is called the Feature image. To change this, click the image and select a new one.

You can upload a new image. Make sure it’s a minimum of 1000px x 600px.

Understanding And Using Shortcode

Some pages also have a sidebar, buttons and extra content sections. To edit / remove or add them, you’ll need to use what WordPress calls Shortcode. Shortcode is pre-defined areas that you can place on the page. Here are some of the most common ones used in the pages.

For a list of all the shortcode you can use, click here.

Adding / Editing The Sidebar

To add the sidebar use the following shortcode:


Page content in-between brackets.



Page content in-between brackets.


Adding / Editing The More Info Section

To add the More Info section, use the following shortcode:

[moreinfo]Use Bullet Points Here[/moreinfo]

Google Maps

The contact page uses theĀ Simple Google Maps Short Code Plugin. You shouldn’t need to edit this, but if you want to put the map on another page, copy the shortcode for this and place it where you want it.


Some pages have link in buttons. They use two shortcode to display them. Use either of the following and change the link and text accordingly:


[btnw link="http://www.churchatpv.org.au"]Learn More[/btnw]


[btn link="http://www.churchatpv.org.au"]Learn More[/btn]
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