Genesis 2:4 begins a new section on the history of the world. God has spent 6 days filling and forming the earth that shows us an astounding, complete creation, under the benevolent rule of Adam and Eve. Now we receive a different picture of the creation of Adam and his role within creation.

Please read Genesis 2:4-17

  1. Why do you think that in Gen. 2:4 Moses introduces a new name for God? What is the significance of this name?
  2. This section of Scripture gives another narrative about creation – a different perspective – what is the emphasis of this description? What added information is given?
  3. In verses Gen. 2:7-8  we observe God’s creation of Adam. What is the significance of the term “being formed”? What is the significance of Adam having God “breath” life into him?
  4. Where did God place Adam? What strikes you about this place? Why did God place Adam in this place?
  5. When you consider the first audience to whom this narrative is written (the redeemed people of God, Israel), how do you think they would understand the process of work? As they are told about the original design by God for Adam to work, what new insights would they gain from this picture? How do these insights reflect on your view of work?
  6. Gen.2:16-17 outline a command that is given to Adam. What is that command, and why do you think God gives this command? What is the choice that Adam has?
  7. Throughout Scripture God gives believers commands to follow. Sometimes these commands are difficult and sometimes easy. How do we maintain obedience to God’s commands?
  8. Think of some of the commands from Ephesians 4:17-32 and honestly evaluate your response and actions required to walk in a manner worthy of Christ. What do you need to yield to God in order to fulfill his gracious transformation for your life?



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