Genesis four is about the way of Cain – the corruption and slide of the human heart away from God into notorious sin. The story reveals something of the essential nature of all mankind by presenting an unforgettable picture of elementary, primal power. It is a story of depravity and grace.

Please read Genesis 4: 1-16

  1. Why do you think Eve praised the Lord upon the birth of her two sons? When you think about the very first births within the human race what is the state of all humanity and why is this so? (ref Romans 3:9-18; 6:23) How is this biblical worldview different to the popular notions about humanity today? Why are the popular notions so counterproductive?
  2. Why did the Lord have regard for Abel and his offering and not for Cain and his offering? (also see Heb. 11:4) What principle can we learn about worship from this scene?
  3. God gives Cain a warning in verse seven. How does this warning align with James 1:14-15? What do we learn about the power of sin from these verses? In what ways can we overcome sins downward cycle? (1 Cor. 10:13, Psalm 119:9-16, 33-40)
  4. What is so amazing about God’s response to Cain’s murder of Abel? What does this show us about the character of God? What comfort does this provide us?

Please read Genesis 4:17-24

  1. These verses outline the genealogy of Cain’s descendants. What do you notice about this account and what is the path of civilization? How would you describe Lamech? What is so disturbing about this genealogy?

Please read Genesis 4:25-26

  1. Explain the hope that these verses provide within the context of this chapter. Why as believers in the 21st century is this hope so true and relevant?

“Despite the odds, the murder and the mayhem, God is faithful to his promised plan of redemption” Quote from Sermon


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