AMT Global Prayer Sep 24

September 25, 2019 By: Category: Mission

Bethany Kapezya (DR Congo, DPG Day 1) Pray that justice will be done in the continuing school situation that Bethany faces (PM19.36).  Thank God for signs of hope. Tess (Restricted Access, DPG Day 24) Pray for Tess as she meets people with whom she’ll be working in West Asia, and as she begins to learn the culture and
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“The Magi” by Sam Hartwich

September 21, 2019 By: Category: Bible Study

1. Have you ever thought that someone is in the “too hard basket”? That there is just no way that they would ever place their trust in Jesus for eternal life? 2. Who are the people who helped you trust in Jesus (or since then, helped you grow in Jesus)? How have they made an
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AMT Global Prayer Sep 17

September 17, 2019 By: Category: Mission

Calvin and Shirley Oule (Uganda, DPG Day 3) Pray for them to make a smooth move into their new house. Continue to pray for Shirley’s Dad’s eyesight, and for Calvin as he finishes antibiotics for his skin. Praise God that Selah’s skin is improving, although it’s still a bit dry. Pray for Calvin and Shirley to
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“Prophecy and Inspiration” by Sam Hartwich

September 14, 2019 By: Category: Bible Study

1. How many people do you think are asking the deeper questions of life? In contrast, how many consistently live out an atheistic worldview (which says that life is objectively meaningless)? 2. Has there been a time where you planned something ahead of time based on the weather prediction, but the weather prediction turned out
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AMT Global Prayer Sep 10

September 11, 2019 By: Category: Mission

Belinda and Herman Lamprecht (South Africa, DPG Day 2) Praise God for the encouraging news that people have been coming to Christ through use of the AudiBibles. Praise God that Belinda got her South African Permanent Residency. Paul and Daphne Chapman (Venezuela, DPG Day 6) Praise God they arrived safely in Australia. Pray for them as they prepare
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“Jesus in All Probability” by Sam Hartwich

September 7, 2019 By: Category: Bible Study

1. What are some reasons that it is important to be completely certain that Jesus is who he says he is? 2. Does the Bible teach that it’s possible to be completely certain that Jesus is the resurrected, Son of God? Look up Luke 1:1–4 (see especially verse 4). Also look up 2 Peter 1:16–21
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