AMT Global Prayer Sep 25

September 25, 2018 By: Category: Mission

Richard and Anne Hoyt (Chad, DPG Day 1) Pray for the Lord to free Renée from spiritual bondage. Pray that God will provide Rich and Anne with wisdom and discernment as they minister to her. Pray that the funeral next Saturday of a missionary colleague may be used by God to heal the rift in the
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Giving God your best In Worship

September 23, 2018 By: Category: Bible Study

Today is the first of two studies from Malachi: “Giving God Your Best in Worship.”  1. Introduction The book of Malachi was written approximately 430 B.C. and was the last recorded words of the Lord before Christ came. Read Malachi 1:1-14. What does Malachi 1:1 tell us about the true Author of this book? What is
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AMT Global Prayer Sep 18

September 19, 2018 By: Category: Mission

Calvin and Shirley Oule (Uganda, DPG Day 3) Praise God that Calvin has arrived safely in Brisbane. Pray for Shirley as she awaits her delivery on 2 October. Gary and Louise Bryar (Brazil, DPG Day 4) Praise God for those who accepted Christ at a 50-year anniversary church celebration. Praise God for the testimony of a Chinese
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Defining, Describing and Doing Prayer

September 15, 2018 By: Category: Bible Study

Spend some time thinking through, discussing and defining prayer. What does our culture think of prayer and how does this differ or accord with the Christian view? Consider the follow in your discussion: Prayer is the most common faith practice in the West. Prayer beings the session of parliament in Australia. It’s often heard out
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AMT Global Prayer Sep 11

September 11, 2018 By: Category: Mission

PRAYER MATTERS – 11th September, 2018 – PM18.37 View this email in your browser PRAYER MATTERS 11th September, 2018 DOWNLOAD PDF Richard and Anne Hoyt (Chad, DPG Day 1) Praise God that ‘Lydia’ and her children are free from the torment of her unrepentant husband, who died. Pray for Lydia to continue to recover health-wise, and
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Facing Forgiveness

September 8, 2018 By: Category: Bible Study

Think through the following as you begin: Would you agree that one of the hardest things todo when someone really hurts you – either by their words or actions – is forgiving them? Work through the following as a group or individual, taking the time to read each passage. What did Jesus mean when in
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