Following Jesus – The Test of Doing The Epistles of John by Mark Kulikovsky

March 2, 2019 By: Category: Bible Study

1. So far in this series we have looked at the test of ‘knowing’ (looking at what we know and believe, and what beliefs mark us out as true followers of Jesus) and the test of ‘being’ (looking at our identity, who we are, so we can see what marks out a true follower of
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Following Jesus – The Test of Being The Epistles of John. Mark Kulikovsky

February 26, 2019 By: Category: Bible Study

1. It was suggested in the sermon that we often categorise people by their familial relationships, country of origin, work, qualifications, position or interests. Do you agree or disagree? If you agree, why do you think we do this? If you disagree, in what other ways do we categorise people? What would be the best
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AMT Global Prayer Feb 19

February 19, 2019 By: Category: Mission

Stephen and Lorraine Cavill (QLD, DPG Day 8) Praise for the rain that has fallen around the Longreach area, butpray for those areas to the east and south that have received none. Pray for those who have had too much rain and are suffering stock losses. Pray for wisdom as Stephen and Lorraine talk with people.  Pray
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“Following Jesus – The Test of Knowing.” “The Epistles of John.” Written by Mark Kulikovsky.

February 16, 2019 By: Category: Bible Study

1. John often speaks in ‘dualities’ – e.g. things are true or false. Scan through the First Epistle of John and see what dualities you can identify – i.e. what things does John present as only having two possible options or outcomes? 2. It was pointed out in the sermon that the Gospel of John
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Evangeism by George Sears. [Extracts from Franklin Graham Tour notes]

February 13, 2019 By: Category: Bible Study

Homegroup Bible Study Notes: Week beginning: 4th February, 2019. 1. Read: John 1:35 – 42; 6:1 – 12; 12:20 – 22. 2. Consider the passages, above, from John’s Gospel:- Who is the individual that appears in each text as the common character? What is he seen to be doing? 3. What are some of the
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AMT Global Prayer Feb 12

February 12, 2019 By: Category: Mission

Kevin and Eloise Dyer (Specialists, DPG Day 19) The impact of Bright Hope’s ministry continues to be shared through the statistics and stories of help received through churches by vulnerable people in different countries. Thank God for these affirmations of God’s faithfulness.  On a personal level, pray for the Dyers as together they fightEliose’s memory loss. Tim
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