The wonderful thing about the Psalms is that they always demonstrate some real-life emotions and experience towards some aspect of life. It maybe praises and thanksgiving, lament, or petition.  The Psalms touch our hearts because we can so easily identify with the human condition being portrayed. In Psalm 34 David pours out his heart in gratitude toward Yahweh after a difficult time in his life. He is the Lords anointed, but Saul is filled with jealousy and hatred and is pursuing David throughout the Judean countryside. At times David acts in desperation, but God is always upholds his anointed king.

Please read 1 Sam. 21

  1. Briefly describe David’s situation within these two stories. (Story 1, 1 Sam 21:1-9; Story 2, 1 Sam. 21:10-15) What was David excuse for visiting Ahimelech? How did God provide for David through Ahimelech? What is the significance of David fleeing to Gath?

Please read Psalm 34.

  1. How many times is the name of the Lord – Yahweh – mentioned in this Psalm and why is this important?


  1. Even though David’s circumstances are very difficult (captured by the Philistines) how does David respond according to this Psalm? What characteristics of God does David highlight?
Verses 1-3





Verses 4-7




Verses 8-14





Verses 15-22







  1. What does it mean to taste and see that the Lord is good? How do the instructions in Psalm 34:12-14 relate to Psalm 34:8 ? (i.e what does it mean and what doesn’t it mean)
  2. When you consider Psalm 34:15-22, what actions does the Lord do towards the righteous and towards the unrighteous. What comfort do you take from these verses? What security do these verses provide and why?

Please read Psalm 56

  1. This Psalm also forms part of David’s response towards his capture in Gath. Summarize the key ideas that are evident in this Psalm. In what way is David’s response similar to Psalm 34 and how is it different? What promises can you take from both these Psalms especially when you face difficult situations?


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