Bethany Kapezya (DR Congo, DPG Day 1)
Pray for the family’s safety from any civil unrest around Lubumbashi, which has settled for now.

Kara McLaughlin (South Africa, DPG Day 2)
Pray for the Chinaka B community in Zimbabwe as they run a workshop this week (28 September to 2 October) for caregivers and their children. Pray that the gospel will be communicated well. Pray for the team of nine who will be leading this workshop, as well as the caregivers and children. Pray for the safe opening of borders for some African countries from 1 October. Pray that Kara can return to South Africa as soon as possible.

Fiona Thomas (Cambodia, DPG Day 7)
Pray for Fiona to be able to fly home from Cambodia on 17 November.

Paul and Debbie Howells (Philippines, DPG Day 9)
Praise God that there is no further COVID in the San Miguel church, and the pregnant sister who had COVID has delivered a healthy boy. Praise God that churches are overflowing in San Miguel, Cauyunan and Limondà. Pray for more workers in the Baungon region where the need is growing. Pray for Cauyunan members who are preparing to take the gospel to Mayahay, Tingalan, Tagculut, Pudug, Tawili, Tingalan and Binasan. Pray for the church leadership from each of the five regions with which Paul and Debbie are involved, as they meet on 8 October to discuss who they will send out, and from which of the churches, to form a new mission team in the Baungon region. Praise God the young Man-ai church is already reaching out to three new areas.

Elizabeth Pfeifer (Philippines, DPG Day 10)
Pray for Liz as she serves on the tech-team for the SIL-hosted ‘God and Language Forum’ (Sep 28 – Oct 1) and also with coordinating tech-support for SIL Asia-Pacific New Leaders Orientation (1-2 sessions per week, Oct 8 – Nov 24).

Russell and Lorna Torrance (Philippines, DPG Day 10)
Pray for six new interns (Jerald, King, Gio, Joshua, Jomar and Jonard), young men aged 16-21 with different gifts, who have transformed a shipping container into their home and serve the Guiuan Christian Fellowship when they are not at school. Pray for them to stay keen, righteous and spiritually strong in their work for the Lord; pray that they will be good examples and witnesses to the community.

Scott and Songkran Breaden (Thailand, DPG Day 11)
Praise God that Scott has a COVID visa to 1 October, which can be extended to 26 October if validated by Bangkok. Pray that they can return to Australia soon and can also get a long-term marriage visa.

Trevor and Manoli Allan (Spain, DPG Day 15)
Praise God that Nat, Rebeca and Elena are settling in well. Nat is waiting for his residence visa and he’s helping with the building renovations. Rebeca is helping with different programs in the two churches. Praise God that meetings have recommenced in Ribadeo. Pray for the ongoing work on the Albergue project (where they will meet once the ground floor is finished). Although the Agua Viva church in Narón is meeting again, not all normal activities are available yet. Praise God the monthly women’s event, restarted by Manoli and Rebeca, went very well. Praise God that Joel has been allowed to take another year off work to help in Spain.

Talitha Follent (preparing to go to Ukarumpa, PNG)
Pray for Talitha to get her visa processed and the rest of her support raised so that she can leave for PNG mid-December. Pray that she can also get a COVID exemption to leave Australia.

Daily Prayer Guide note: By the time you read this some churches may have received DPGs — these are the extra ones, the subscription ones will come with the October magazines when they arrive from the printer. I will only change the DPG Days of workers in PM once the mags have gone out.


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