Richard and Anne Hoyt (Chad, DPG Day 1)
Pray for Chad as COVID-19 numbers rise. Pray that the people will respond to mandatory measures. Pray for a missionary who contracted COVID-19 while in hospital for other tests. Pray for a TEAM Chad missionary who got malaria back home, months after leaving Chad. Pray for their recovery. Pray for Acacia women who are sewing masks at home for the community. Pray that their needs are met and that they will be protected. Pray for Rich as he continues to oversee the missionary support centre and office in N’Djamena, monitor the COVID-19 situation, and communicate with the TEAM leadership and TEAM Chad missionaries in-country, as well as those co-workers on vacation who are stuck in the US. Pray for Rich and Anne to stay safe and well.

Byron and Lyn Johannesen (Colombia, DPG Day 4)
Praise God that as the lockdown slowly eases they have been able to make productive pastoral visits. Praise God they for the opportunity to meet with Yovany and sort out problems over Calvinist teaching. Pray for Jorge over the same issue. Praise God for those who want to return to fellowship, and those from outside their church who have been reached via YouTube messages. Online Zoom meetings have been useful in assessing how assemblies have managed during the crisis.

Scott and Songkran Breaden (Thailand, DPG Day 11)
Praise God that Thailand has done reasonably well during this COVID-19 crisis. Pray for Scott can continue to renew his visa in-country given the current travel restriction. Pray for Songkran as she prepares to teach mission students in the Masters program, as they need language helpers. Pray for her as she organises a team to help a minority language group. Pray for Mit as he studies at home and chats with friends online—pray he won’t be too stressed.

Daniel and Candide Weekes (France, DPG Day 13)
Praise God that their were able to find a second-hand car quickly after their old one didn’t pass registration and had to be taken to the wreckers. Praise God that they’re all well and that the boys are enjoying school despite the distancing measures (no touching or playing together). Pray for their summer camps—they still don’t know what camps they will be able to run and in what capacity. Please pray for their co-worker Lynn who had to be taken to the ER because of bleeding in the brain. He seems better now but it was a shock.

Trevor and Manoli Allan (Spain, DPG Day 15)
Praise God that they have met with the architects and builder to decide on the first steps of the renovation work at the Ribadeo property. Due to COVID-19, there’s now more to do in less time. Pray for Nat, Rebeca and Joel to be able to go over to Spain soon. Pray for the selling of the apartment and for the needed renovation finance. Pray for wisdom, enabling and protection for the work and workers. Continue to pray for the churches at Narón and Ribadeo. Praise God for online meetings; pray for the people as they prepare to meet together again.

Jon and Janet Mitchell (PNG, DPG Day 17)
Praise God that Jon is safely back in the village and there have been encouraging answers to prayer re the harassment—even one of the harassers wants to join the Bible school. Pray for Janet as she returns with supplies on Tuesday/Wednesday.

Ian and Leann Buckley (Restricted Access, DPG Day 22)
Praise God that Leann is illustrating Ian’s last three ‘God Has Spoken’ books and Ian is doing online back-translation of his fourth book. They’ve had six online church services with their overseas family, and three Zoom church services here. Praise God that Netra and Namuna have been having two fellowship times daily with the remaining six girls. Thanks to those who have supported the ministry. Pray that God will supply their needs even as restrictions tighten and it’s harder to get food. Unfortunately, the organisation can only keep one floor of the guesthouse (the one their two rooms are on) due to the impact of the COVID-19 lockdown.

Peter and Esther (Restricted Access, DPG Day 25)
Pray for Peter and Esther when they leave their country in early June to get new visas. Travel is both difficult and dangerous from their current location.

C & A (Restricted Access, DPG Day 25)
Pray for Estasia who is recovering from a fever; she’s been treated for malaria. Pray for a definitive diagnosis and treatment.

Carol Luttah (CBM, PNG)
Praise God that all 8 COVID-19 cases in PNG have recovered and no new cases recorded. Pray for ongoing protection of the people in PNG. All CBM bookshops are open, but with minimal business. CBM is still trusting God for a mission-minded expat for the Finance and Administration role; pray someone suitable will be found soon. Carol is trusting God for good tenants for CBM’s vacant properties—most of them were occupied by expatriates who have had to leave due to COVID-19—so this has impacted CBM’s income.

Pray for those affected by Cyclone Amphan in India and Bangladesh. Pray especially for the poor coastal communities which have been devastated. Pray for emergency housing, food, clean water and protection from disease. Pray also for India which is poised to enter the COVID-19 top 10.

Pray for Hong Kong as China appears to be moving forward its timeline away from One Country, Two Systems. Pray that religious freedoms won’t be impacted, even as freedom to protest has already been affected. Pray that John will be safe in his travels.


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