Byron and Lyn Johannesen (Colombia, DPG Day 4)
Praise God that Colombia is returning to some kind of normality. Pray for a drop in COVID cases and deaths, as well as a decrease in murders of young people by vengeful business owners. Pray for Orbelida to recover well from COVID. Pray for believers who have moved to another church. Pray for a couple who are separating — especially for their young sons during this difficult time.

Daniel and Candide Weekes (France, DPG Day 17)
Praise God that restrictions on church meetings are loosening; pray that attendance will rise. Pray that the new home group in Bourg d’Oisans will grow in the Lord and in the relationships of the members. Pray for Dan as he leads three camps (two youth and a young adult) in July. There’s also a kids’ camp and two family camps in August. Praise God for new camp staff, both locally and from overseas. Pray for safety and health, personnel, attendance, and smooth operation (COVID restrictions, food preparation, logistics, translation, buildings and equipment) of these camps. Pray for Candide as she looks after their kids during this busy time of the year.

Wendy Strachan (Specialist/AMT, DPG Day 24)
We wish Wendy God’s richest blessings as she starts her retirement at the end of this week. Praise God for her ministry’s positive impact overseas and locally. We welcome Phil and Fiona Emery (SA church pastors, DPG Day 20) as they jointly take on the Member Care role while also continuing their church-based roles. Their email address is

Carol Luttah (CBMPNG)
Lynn’s visa was approved on 15 June, but the Australian Mission in Nairobi has not received the file from Port Moresby yet. Pray that the file arrives soon.

AMT workers: A few weeks ago, if you received a partner info survey that was sent last year too, please disregard as it was sent in error.


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