AMT is now officially Australians in Mission Together.

Phil and Sandy Jones (Mexico, DPG Day 5)
Praise God that Sandy had her tongue surgery on Friday, and has already been discharged. Pray for wisdom for her medical team as they decide what’s next after they receive the pathology results. Pray for Sandy’s recovery and that the whole family can know God’s peace during this stressful time.

Ian and Leann Buckley (Nepal, DPG Day 8)
Pray for Kumar and believers in Nepal, as there have been church members affected by a recent flood. Pray for those who are lost to be found well. Pray for those who have lost houses and possessions. Pray for Kumar’s team as they organise emergency aid.

Leigh and Tamara (Nepal, DPG Day 8)
Pray for them as they officially end their tenure with their organisation at the end of June. Pray for Leigh to find suitable work. Pray for the children as they continue to adapt to life in Australia.

Eva Kennedy (Spain, DPG Day 18)
Pray for Eva to have success this week as she picks up her residency permit, gives a 5-minute presentation in her Spanish class, and sits an exam.

Kevin and Eloise Dyer (Specialists, DPG Day 21)
Pray urgently for Kevin and Eloise as it’s been decided that the best option for Eloise is relocation to Florida from Illinois, where she has not settled well and has become increasingly confused. In two weeks they’ll fly down to Florida and Craig and Beth will help them get there and settled in, while Mark will drive their car down. Pray that Eloise will be strong enough to make the trip as she’s very weak. Pray that they can find an excellent helper for night and weekend duty. Pray for wisdom about doctors, medications, and decisions they must make. Pray also for the Lord to provide the funds they desperately need, as this is all extremely expensive.

Carol Luttah (CBMPNG)
Pray for Pidgin Bibles to arrive soon as they have run out. Pray for Lynn’s visa approval.


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