Mark and Alex Ronalds (India, DPG Day 8)
Pray for school children and staff who are unable to reach their homes due to the lockdown. Some children are staying with relatives or guardians, in different towns or even countries. Pray for the remaining Hebron staff as they decide how to get the campus running in a limited capacity. Pray for the many daily labourers in India who now have no salary and don’t know how to carry on. Praise God there have been few COVID cases around Ooty. Pray for Mark who has had a toothache for 7 weeks, as dentists are closed in the UK.

Jason and Kim Job (Timor-Leste, DPG Day 11)
Praise God that Timor-Leste currently has no active cases of COVID19, all 24 confirmed cases have been discharged. Praise God that there has been no deaths from this virus in Timor-Leste.

Pilots Jason and Andrew plan to leave Timor-Leste on Wednesday the 3rd of June to fly VH-FM to Mareeba Queensland for scheduled maintenance on the plane. This is subject to the weather forecast being favourable for the flight across the Timor Sea. Arranging this flight has been very complicated with permissions needed from Northern Territory, Queensland and Timor-Leste. Jason and Andrew will quarantine in Queensland for 14 days. Pray for safety, wisdom and good weather for Jason and Andrew as they fly.

Pray for pilots Marcus Grey (Chief Pilot) and Timothy Southcott as they return to Timor this week to ensure the Programme can continue to serve the people of Timor. Pray for safety and wisdom for them as they begin to fly again in Timor after some time away. Pray for the Job, Grey and Southcott families who are currently separated from each other. Praise God that the pilots and planes have been able to help the people of Timor-Leste by providing five people with medevac flights in the past ten days. Two more flights were unable to be completed due to bad weather. Another two medevac flight requests from Atauro Island could not be completed due to the runway being unsafe for landing. Pray that the local government officials and residents will be able to make the airstrip in Atauro safe so that MAF can continue to land there for medevac flights. In the last 10 weeks MAF has provided 56 medevacs and 13 chartered flights.

Pray for the government of Timor-Leste as they go through a time of change and division again. Pray for peace, humility and unity as they seek to lead this nation honestly and wisely.

Jon and Janet Mitchell (PNG, DPG Day 17)
Praise God the magistrate has sorted things out in the village. Pray that the troublemakers won’t cause any more problems, and that Jon and Janet can continue their ministry safely.

Ian and Leann Buckley (Restricted Access, DPG Day 22)
Praise God that Ian and Leann have bought a piece of land south of Maryborough for a good price. Pray that they can build a small cottage at least to lockup stage. Praise God for good progress on Ian’s fourth book ‘Looking for the Blessed Hope’, which is 10 lessons on Bible prophecy. Pray for Ian as he continues to work on his new YouTube channel GHS (God Has Spoken) Ministries. Pray that his videos will be a blessing to those who watch them. Pray for the Nepali during lockdown, especially the poor and struggling who are unable to get food without any income.

Tess (Restricted Access, DPG Day 24)
Praise God that the young woman mentioned in PM20.19 accepted Jesus. Pray for God to strengthen her faith in the challenging days ahead.


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