Richard and Anne Hoyt (Chad, DPG Day 1)
Pray for ‘Grace’ as she grieves the loss of a newborn son (she lost a young daughter before too). Pray for Ann and Janet as they start the next discipleship counselling program at Acacia on 29 June. Pray for them to have stamina as they work with five women three times weekly for about three months. Pray for the Holy Spirit to work mightily in these women.

Paul and Daphne Chapman (Venezuela, DPG Day 3)
They are constantly in contact with the believers in Venezuela, who are still in lockdown and doing it very tough with lack of all services, electricity, water, cooking gas and petrol, on top of the food problem—pray for them. Farming is being affected so there will probably be a shortage now of locally grown produce. The funds that they can send to the believers on a regular basis is greatly appreciated. Pray for Paul as he continues with the Zoom meetings and WhatsApp messages also.

David and Robin Ware (Cambodia, DPG Day 7)
David continues with management responsibilities at the school for the next week. Pray for Helen, David’s replacement. Organising a visa and travel is not easy at this time especially with quarantines and a substantial bond being imposed. This will also make it very difficult for families of staff and students to return. Pray for David’s travel arrangements to return to Australia, and also for Fiona Thomas as she plans to leave in August.

Paul and Debbie Howells (Philippines, DPG Day 9)
Praise God for the arrival of the Talaandig New Testaments (diglot in Talaandig and English). Pray for Ryan as he prepares to translate from Talaandig to Higaonon. Paul and Debbie will be involved too. Pray for Ronnie as he prepares a house for Ryan and Sarah. Pray that a replacement well will be finished soon. (The previous well was destroyed in last year’s earthquakes.) Pray for the completion of evangelistic materials in Talaandig, English and Cebuano (halfway done before lockdown). Praise God that evangelistic videos shot by Paul, Debbie and co-workers in the Philippines have been put on a website being developed by co-workers Ernesto and Jane Lopez in the US. Pray for Ernesto and Jane as they plan to return to Mindanao in early July. Pray that the website, once launched, will be a powerful evangelistic medium. Pray for better internet signals in remote areas. Pray for Paul and Debbie as they complete the website project and oversee the distribution of the Talaandig NTs. Pray that they can return to Australia for a much-needed furlough this year.

Jason and Kim Job (Timor-Leste, DPG Day 11)
Praise God Jason and Andrew safely flew one Timor MAF plane to Mareeba for maintenance last week. Praise God they are able to do their 14-day quarantine at the MAF guest house in Cairns. Praise God for plans being made to keep the Programme in Timor operating during the pandemic. Please pray for Jason and Kim as they come to the end of their contract with Timor-Leste, that they can hand over roles and responsibilities and end this season well. Pray for them as they begin a time of rest that this will be a great time of recovery, family time and preparation for their future roles with MAF in Mareeba.

Bill and Nicoletta Quinert (Italy, DPG Day 13)
Pray for Bill as he witnesses at the market and goes with Walter to reach Muslim refugees.

Jon and Janet Mitchell (PNG, DPG Day 17)
Praise God that after eight years of persecution from a minority group in PNG, they are near a settlement. Pray for the organisation of a peace feast, gift offering and shaking-of-hands on 27 June and pray that reconciliation will be achieved. Pray that police can help prevent any trouble on the day. Praise God that the church is going well, although most believers are very young in their faith, so pray for their maturation. Pray that they will learn from Jon and Janet as they started to teach on Christian marriage last week—Jon will officiate the first wedding on Sunday 21 June.

Wes and Esther Dale (Restricted Access, DPG Day 23)
Continue to pray about their visas. Thank God for the almost daily contact that they have with teachers and medical staff. There has been unrest between two villages after a murder. Pray that the pigs and money that have been given will bring lasting peace.

Colin and Marg (Restricted Access, DPG Day 23)
Praise God for the active presence of local believers in their community; pray for their safety as they boldly witness for Christ. Pray for Colin to find resources as he prepares lessons for grade 7 Geography and for a high school Character Qualities class.

C & A (Restricted Access, DPG Day 25)
The missing key still hasn’t been found. Pray that the rumours that were spread won’t impact C’s relationship with those at the hospital. Pray for hospital staff and patients who may have been exposed to COVID-19 after a patient was found to have it only after being transferred to another hospital. Pray also for the financial situation of the hospital, especially during this crisis. Pray for wisdom for the interim hospital directors. Praise God that a gift from Australia has been distributed to 11 needy families.

Carol Luttah (CBMPNG)
Praise God for no new COVID cases since May. Praise God for improved sales since May. Pray for continued sustenance for the rest of the year as Carol and her colleagues trust God for revival. Pray for good health and time for rest and recovery. Pray for a mission-minded ex-pat to fill the position of Finance and Administration Manager.

Pray for the many disenfranchised African Americans and Aboriginal Australians who have been the victims of oppression for so many years. Pray that they will get justice for the past wrongs done to them, and that they can forgive their abusers and not generalise their anger to include those who care. Pray for the wisdom of leaders in the US, UK, Australia and other countries with racism to have wisdom and courage in stamping out discrimination and to follow Christian principles in seeking true reconciliation. When we think of ‘Black Lives Matter’ (the concept not the movement), pray for absent African American fathers to take responsibility for their families—African Americans acknowledge this as being a major factor in black crime. Pray for African Americans to stay away from crime as a lifestyle; pray for those in crime to have the courage to break away. Pray for true justice to be served in the Australian Aboriginal Deaths in Custody saga. Pray for the curse of alcohol and drugs to be banished from Aboriginal communities. Pray for more black youth to be drawn to Christ than to what drug dealers and rappers sell. Pray for those in poverty, black or white, to have access to education and job opportunities. Pray for respect for the law and the police, which includes black officers. Pray that American and Australian police won’t be seen as sources of racial discrimination and thus targets of hatred, although any past history and current pockets of discrimination must be acknowledged and dealt with appropriately. Pray that those protesting worldwide against racism will consider the impact of mass demonstrations on the potential rise in COVID cases. Pray that rioters will see their violence is counter-productive.

Pray for the victims of racial, religious and political discrimination in China. Pray for the African immigrants who are being treated as an underclass there. Pray for the protection of Christians and Muslim Uyghurs who are victims of religious persecution and violence. Pray also for the safety of democracy campaigners in Hong Kong and China. Pray that the gospel will continue to spread despite opposition. Pray for the persecuted church throughout the world as they suffer for the gospel. Pray for those who are also affected by civil war, drought, plague and famine.

Pray for the protection and healing of victims of institutional sexual abuse and victims of domestic violence and sexual violence perpetrated through power imbalance. Pray also for justice for the victims, and for the transformation of mindsets which perpetuate sexual discrimination and abuse. Pray for those who have been abused by people within the Church; pray that they can see that Christianity is not at fault and pray that they won’t relinquish their Christian faith. Pray for other Christians to show their love and support to them.

Pray for the protection of the unborn, whatever their race or gender. Pray for young single mothers, regardless of colour, to have the strength and support to resist aborting their babies. Pray for mothers being pressured or forced to abort because their children are female. Pray for Russia, which has the highest abortion rate worldwide (53.7 per thousand) in a population of almost 146 million—that will be almost 8 million aborted children in 2020. White lives matter. China’s rate of 24.2 in a population of almost 1.44 billion amounts to almost 35 million abortions in 2020. Yellow lives matter. The US will have close to 7 million and Australia more than half a million abortions this year. All unborn human lives matter, regardless of colour.


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