Richard and Anne Hoyt (Chad, DPG Day 1)
The start date for the ACACIA ministry’s next discipleship-counselling program, which Anne and her co-workers are now dubbing as the Rahab Program, has been delayed for another 4-5 weeks. Pray for Anne to regain her strength as she battles unusual fatigue. Keep praying for the Lord to prepare the hearts of the five or six women who may participate in the Rahab Program. Pray for Rich to have wisdom as he works with various co-workers on preparing the way for their return to Chad. Praise God for a low number of COVID-19 cases; pray that the government will allow inbound commercial flights to restart soon.

Bethany Kapezya (DR Congo, DPG Day 1)
Pray for Bethany and the TESOL Christian school council as they prepare to re-open again in September. Challenges include finding a suitable building as well as furnishing it. Pray for Bethany as she sets up programs and meets with teachers, parents and children. Pray for ongoing safety; praise God the death toll isn’t higher from COVID-19. Pray for effective opportunities to strengthen believers and reach seekers via social media. Pray that Bethany can get more facial skin cancers treated early before they need more radical surgery. Praise God for Claude’s support in a tough environment this year. Praise God for the kids’ education in an unofficial homeschool this year.

Allison Howell (Ghana, DPG Day 2)
Thank God for those who have helped Allison in her recovery. Praise God she is walking well.

Paul and Gerrah Kulikovsky (Philippines, DPG Day 9)
Pray for Paul and Gerrah to have wisdom in decision-making about their future ministry as they step back from certain roles (e.g. school ministry) for various reasons. Pray that they can soon return to Australia to rest and reconsider their options. In the meantime pray that they will have strength and patience as they come to terms with different responsibilities and pressures. Pray for the future of the school — re-opening it was pushed back until now the government has determined that schools will stay closed until a vaccine is available.

Bill and Sandra Callister (PNG, DPG Day 16)
The local Saisai translators are currently working with a group of Saisai speakers doing the consultant check of Colossians, 2 Thessalonians and 1 Timothy, using questions which a translation consultant has sent. Pray for good interaction. Pray for good improvements to the translation to follow when the translators also work with Bill. Praise that local people are keen to participate. Pray that as they read God’s word together, he will speak to them.

Jon and Janet Mitchell (PNG, DPG Day 17)
Praise God that the gift offering and settlement were made and life can move forward in the village. Jon and Janet thank you for your prayer support. Pray for the church as it faces future opposition.

Kevin and Eloise Dyer (Specialists, DPG Day 18)
Everything that disadvantages us during the COVID-19 crisis is much worse for the poor: more unemployment, more hunger and malnutrition, inability to access health care, more domestic violence, more uncertainty, powerlessness and lack of hope. Social distancing is often impossible and access to clean water and good sanitation is an even greater priority. Pray for Bright Hope and similar NGOs as they try to meet the increasing demands of reaching the poorest of the poor during this worsening pandemic.

Noela Elvery (Specialist, DPG Day 19) & Julie Loudon (Specialist, DPG Day 20)
Pray for Acira and Berocan in Bunia due to his health (praise God that Acira was treated for typhoid and malaria, and got his Parkinson’s medication). Pray for wisdom to know when to return to Oicha to check on the workers and projects. Pray for Manzali teachers (no work, no pay) and students as all schools remain closed due to COVID-19. Pray for believers, especially in NE DR Congo, to stay strong even as they face hunger, violence and displacement. Pray for Manzali medical staff who remained at the dispensary and maternity facility. Pray for Noela and Julie to be wise in their distribution of funds. Praise God for the safe transfer of funds to Bunia for the Pygmy and Manzali work.

Daniel and Emily (Restricted Access, DPG Day 23)
Thank God for stability in their present circumstances despite the uncertainty around when they can return to their home in Southeast Asia. Pray for clarity and discernment as they consider their next steps towards their return and patience in this extended period of waiting. Pray for their friends and neighbours in Southeast Asia, that God will continue to reveal Himself to them. Pray that their interactions from a distance will speak love and hope into their friends’ lives.

Aileen (Restricted Access, DPG Day 23)
Pray for Aileen who is stuck at home and unable to return to the hospital yet during the COVID-19 crisis due to her age. Pray that she will stay well in the heat. Pray that God will raise up someone to replace her when the time comes.

Leigh and Tamara (Restricted Access, DPG Day 24)
Praise God Cole has recovered well from his broken arm. Praise God for visas for all the family. Praise God for being able to restart some meeting sin their home. Pray for potential workers to start preparing for service now for next year.


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