Gary and Louise Bryar (Brazil, DPG Day 4)
Praise God for a good turnout for the online camps over the past two weeks. Praise God for online prayer meetings, Monday women’s meeting and Thursday Bible study. Pray that they can meet in person soon.

Alan and Isabel Knott (Colombia, DPG Day 4)
Praise God for the gifts they have been able to pass on to needy families during the COVID-19 pandemic. Sadly it appears Alan and Isabel can’t enter Australia in August, and Australia won’t extend her visa. Even if they can, they (and other missionaries in similar circumstances) are also required to pay for their own quarantine and there is uncertainty regarding their return overseas. Pray for them during these uncertain times.

Paul and Daphne Chapman (Venezuela, DPG Day 6)
Pray for El Vigia and Santa Barbara which has been impacted by COVID-19. Pray for the protection of believers and their families, as local medical care is basic and the big cities are in lockdown.

Trevor and Manoli Allan (Spain, DPG Day 15)
Praise God that Nat, Rebeca and Elena arrived safely in Spain. Praise God that they can help with the two churches and with the Albergue Project in Ribadeo. Pray for Nat’s residency application to go smoothly. Praise God for progress in the Ribadeo renovation. Pray for wisdom in testifying to the workers who are doing the renovation. Pray for the sale of the apartment that are currently used for church meetings, as the finances are needed.

Bill and Sandra Callister (PNG, DPG Day 16)
Praise God that the Saisai team completed reading through Colossians, 2 Thessalonians and 1 Timothy with local community members, and answering questions from a translation consultant. Praise God that communication and transport seem to be on track for the three Saisai translators to spend August at the Alotau Centre. Pray that all the equipment will work, including good internet connection, so that Bill can talk with them from Australia to discuss changes to the above books, and also to work on the second draft of John. Praise God that the second Misima team is working again after COVID restrictions, and pray for ongoing translation of Psalms and Leviticus by both teams, with remote input from Bill. Pray for the Misima Language Committee as it meets to do the community test of 2Kings:1-10 during August.

Les and Kay Loader (PNG, DPG Day 16)
Pray for protection for Christians like Jonnie who have been caught up in tribal revenge attacks; pray for peaceful means of settling disputes. Pray for all those serving the Lord in PNG. At this time there are expatriate missionaries in PNG who would like to go on furlough, there are expatriate missionaries in their homelands who would like to be on the field, and there are missionaries stuck in places like Cairns who can neither go home nor to the field. Pray for wisdom and patience for all. Pray for Mapex Hongei as he travels between centres to facilitate Bible study groups, as well as to remote communities. Pray for Ellison Morea as he receives special training in the Creation to Christ method of evangelism, and in church planting and discipleship. Pray that he can apply these new resources and skills when he returns to New Ireland. Pray for Timothy and Theckla as they disciple married couples and teach Christian parenting skills in Green River. Pray for Kay in Cairns as she coordinates RI in schools. Praise God that a woman was saved after a Zoom evangelism program.

Carol Luttah (CBMPNG)
Praise God for a good Board meeting on 18 July and for a good week’s rest in Port Moresby. Pray for containment of COVID-19 as cases are now becoming known, especially in Port Moresby. The wearing of masks is interpreted as if one is sick so people are rejecting them, including our staff. Continue to pray for a Finance and Admin Officer (expat) and a Bookshop Manager (local role).


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