Fiona Thomas (Cambodia, DPG Day 7)
Pray that Fiona will settle down well in Toowoomba — she moved there yesterday from Bundy. Pray for the Lord to continue to guide her in this new stage of her life.

Jason and Karen Griffiths (QLD, DPG Day 7)
Praise God Jason returned safely to Brisbane on Saturday. Pray for effective implementation on strategies discussed in PNG over the last 2 weeks. Thank God for looking after the family while Jason was away. Pray for ongoing protection of PNG re COVID.

Ben and Lisa Penrose (Australia, DPG Day 15)
Pray for Ben and Lara as they continue to minister to people from a M background. Pray that as people move around they may meet up with others who are also reaching out and helping Ms understand more about the gospel. Pray for new ministry opportunities in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney during these uncertain times.

Daniel and Candide Weekes (France, DPG Day 17)
France has just gone into her third lockdown after new cases were over 50,000 every day and the vaccines are not being given as quickly as planned. This means there will be no customers at camp for the next month at least. Pray that they can have their summer camps (July/August). Praise God they are well and fairly safe in their small town.

John and Kathy Harris (Netherlands, DPG Day 17)
Pray for John and Kathy as they have had to postpone their home assignment until 2022. Praise God that Kathy continues to have sufficient English teaching work; she also leads the teaching team of 6-8 teachers and interns for our refugee English classes. Pray for Dane as he enters the final three months of his Master’s Degree in Music. The future is uncertain due to the impact of COVID-19 restrictions on the music industry.

Eva Kennedy (Spain, DPG Day 18)
Pray for Eva as she prepares to fly to Spain on 15 April. Pray for her team in Spain to find a suitable place for her to live. Praise God Eva could connect with team members again when she Zoomed into last week’s WEC Spain annual conference. Praise God the Spanish night at WEC went very well too, with many interested in her journey and the work in Spain.

Gavin and Janet Petersen (Portugal, DPG Day 18)
Pray that the Easter-related passages read last week will speak to the Read the Bible in English group. Pray also that those who attended the online Easter Sunday program will respond to the resurrection message given by a Brazilian friend.

Les and Kay Loader (PNG, DPG Day 20)
Pray for Mapex to stay strong in the faith after he and fellow travellers were robbed on Friday 26 March while he was on his way to get nails for a church project. Praise God Mapex and 10 other elders went to a remote area to teach the gospel — pray this bears fruit. Pray for Jonnie as he supervises four building projects at Mikili, Hake and Komo (plant from Mikili). Pray for the faithful believers who are teaching or being taught to teach Creation to Christ.

Elizabeth Pfeifer (Specialist, DPG Day 23)
Pray for Liz as she prepares to relocate to Thailand. Her work permit has been authorised, her visa is being processed, then she will apply for the Certificate of Entry for Thailand. She hopes to leave on 16 April. Pray that all the paperwork is completed on time and the flight will be as scheduled. As in her current DPG entry, she is working with SIL.

Daniel and Emily (Restricted Access, DPG Day 25)
Praise God that Jude and Siena have finished term 1 well. Pray for Daniel and Emily as they re-evaluate in June when they should return to SE Asia. When the time comes, pray for their visas to be processed without any issues. Praise God for opportunities to get to know their neighbours more. Pray that God can use Daniel and Emily to bless them and show His love. Pray for the SE Asian business that Daniel works with. Pray that qualified and teachable people will be available when they need new staff.


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